Rising Albany Yorgas (RAY)

Rising Albany Yorgas (RAY) is a program developed by North Albany Senior High school for Noongar girls who attend the school.The programme originated as Karnitj Kadadjiny in 2009. Karnitj Kadadjiny was initially developed as a Basketball Academy. In 2013, a party of staff, students and carers worked together and renamed the program Rising Albany Yorgas (RAY). There are currently 19 students in the RAY programme. The RAY programme works holistically with students to develop career pathway options, provide mentoring services and rewards for good attendance and behaviour at school. The RAY office helps by creating a sense of place for the girls. The girls are able to sit in the RAY office to have their lunch and talk to staff during breaks. Individual career pathway plans are developed for each student in the programme by:

  • Speaking to them and identify their strengths, interests and goals
  • Working with the student, teaching and non-teaching staff, GSIT,
    Follow the dream and the Participation team to promote career pathways
  • Collating previous and current attendance and test data to monitor progress

The girls choose a mentor from the RAY staff-The Ray Coordinator, AIEO and Attendance Officer. This mentor is able to help them with personal issues by listening and offering advice and strategies to deal with problems. RAY Girls receive reward points for attendance, classwork, GOLDIES (Positive behaviour certificates) and work within the school and community.