Humanities and Social Sciences


From 2016 onwards HASS is implementing the new WA Curriculum across all areas of the subject. This will be done in stages over 2016 with full implementation complete by Semester 2 2017. Students will now cover breadth and depth across the major disciplines of History, Geography, Economics & Business and Civics & Citizenship. Imbedded across this will be Aboriginal perspectives, numeracy and literacy. Additionally, students also cover career development.


Career development and education continues to be another focus. Our career development and education program ensures that our students are well informed about their post school options. All students complete a resume, portfolio and an Individual Pathway Plan and will know how to navigate the ever evolving post school training and workplace. Students are also able to go on tours of GSIT and universities; both in Albany and in Perth.


A third focus in HASS is the inquiry-based approach to learning. Students are given repeated opportunities to engage in a variety of research tasks. Written texts, the Internet and cooperative student discussions feature prominently in lessons. A continuing focus will be explicit teaching of course concepts, question interpretation, text construction and improving the length, depth and complexity of text types constructed by students.


In senior school students can study Geography, History and Economics. History and Economics are offered both on line with teacher mentor support and taught in the classroom. We hope to develop these courses further in the future.


At North Albany SHS, literacy is a priority. Cross curricular literacy strategies used within the HASS classrooms include “word rich” classrooms; regular 10 minute newspaper reading sessions; explicit teaching of the use of dictionaries. All teachers engage in cross marking of student work and post assessment analysis with the objective of establishing how to best address literacy deficits as well as promoting knowledge of course content. A particular focus is explicitly teaching persuasive writing and using persuasive writing to explore course content. HASS work closely with the Literacy Coordinator to ensure that the literacy needs of our students are met.


There have been many highlights within HASS this year including :

  • Ongoing implementation of the WA Curriculum.
  • Professional learning undertaken by staff in instructional strategies and collegiate support in implementation.
  • Consolidation of online /video conferencing mode of delivery for History and Economics in Senior School.
  • Heightened acknowledgement of the HASS role in promoting literacy within the school.
  • School visits to enrich learning including; National ANZAC Centre, WA Museum, The Residency, Fish Traps, Wind Farm, Tree Top Walk, Emu Point, Canberra and hopefully many more. 



If you have any questions about Humanities and Social Sciences at NASHS, contact Alison Grice (Head of Learning Area HASS).