Welcome to the Science Learning Area at North Albany SHS. The Science Department is an enthusiastic team comprising Teachers and  Laboratory Technicians.


The Science Learning Area provides a challenging curriculum that aligns with the Australian Curriculum and supports  our  students to understand many complex scientific principles and how these principles apply to and explain the physical and biological world in which we live. This is to ensure that our students are Science literate and ready to join the rapidly changing Scientific and Technological world.


The science course for students in Years 8,9 10 comprises biological, chemical, earth, space and physical sciences. Students can also choose further in depth science studies by selecting  Science Enrichment as an elective.


In Years  11 and 12 students can specialize by choosing to study Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology and Physics.


Students are actively encouraged to enter science competitions throughout the year.  These include ‘The Big Science Competition',  ' The Australian National Chemistry Quiz’ and ‘International Competitions and Assessment for Schools’.  Students also participate in the regional Science and Technology challenge.

For further information about Science at North Albany SHS please contact  the Science Department by phoning the school on 9892 0611