Mathematics at North Albany SHS follows the curriculum set by ACARA(Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority). This curriculum is guided by the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, adopted by the Ministerial Council in December 2008. The Melbourne Declaration emphasises the importance of knowledge, skills and understandings of learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities as the basis for a curriculum designed to support 21st century learning.

This curriculum develops the numeracy skills all students require in their personal, work and civic life. It also provides the foundations on which further studies at a professional level in mathematics can be built. We recognise at North Albany that students have many different skills and interests. We aim to provide all students with a sound working knowledge in mathematics. We encourage and support students talented in mathematics to extend themselves by developing high level skills.

The use of technology in mathematics is an important aspect of our teaching and learning programs . The use of computers as well as the hand held Casio Classpad form an integral part of the NASHS mathematics classroom. The students have a 24/7 log on to the Mathletics site which provides practise and explanations on topics and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Students at NASHS are encouraged to enter the Australian Mathematics Competition each year and we have a strong tradition of participation and success in this prestigious competition. . A senior student recently achieved in the top 2% of the state. Other national and state competitions and activities are also publicised.

The Mathematics staff also provides tutoring at an after school study group in the library. Please contact the Mathematics Head of Learning Area for more details.

At NASHS we are committed to providing an excellent mathematical education and experience for all students and pride ourselves on being available to talk with parents and caregivers on any aspect of their child’s education.

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