Languages are compulsory at NASHS in Year 7 with Italian and Japanese on offer.  In following years, students may choose a language as an elective to be studied with a classroom teacher or online via SIDE in Year 11 and 12.


In Year 7 Japanese and Italian, students have the opportunity to learn how to introduce themselves and their families, talk about hobbies, likes and dislikes, and discuss where they live and many more topics.  Students also learn about significant cultural events.


Student’s progress with their language skills in Year 8, 9 and 10 learning a variety of language structures to be able to discuss in more detail about themselves and family, daily routine, school life, shopping, organising social activities and the weather, to name a few.  Kanji (Chinese characters) are introduced which ultimately make reading an easier task.  Students participate in Language Perfect, which is an online program monitored by the teacher, that students can quickly learn vocabulary in the target language.  It is fun and can be competitive between students in the class. Each year, the program offers a worldwide language competition in which students compete with students all over the world. Year 10 prepares students who are going on to Language studies in Year 11 and 12.  This is currently offered at NASHS through SIDE online study and with teacher support.


Language study is an ideal way for students to become global citizens, broadening their outlook of the world and the cultures within them.  It can be quite exciting to be able to communicate with people from a foreign country while those people are travelling around Australia, or when students have an opportunity to travel to the country of whose language they have been learning.  Research also shows that students who study foreign languages have a better understanding of English.


In January 2013 NASHS took a group of students to visit the Tomioka region in Japan.

In November 2014 a group of NASHS students toured through the Kansai region of Japan, and the school is planning to take another group of students to Japan in 2016.  It is planned that these visits will include a school and homestay opportunity while exploring historical and cultural aspects of the region as well.  The tour is not only suitable for language students, but also history students and anyone with a keen interest in Japan.