Woodwork at NASHS 2018

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Year 7 students learnt basic skills to create a truck and pencil box, with the focus on safety.

Year 8 student’s improved their skills by making a tongue drum and miniature surfboard. Their focus was on design.

Year 9 students made a mug tree, cabinet and miniature surfboard. They improved their skills and learnt the art of decoupage.

Year 10 students made a recycled wood surfboard and bedside cabinet. Their focus was on drawer construction, dovetail and biscuit joints. They also had an introduction to machines both portable and static.

Learning woodwork at NASHS helps students gain confidence and helps with their problem solving skills. You’re able to use tools like hand planes, saws, drop saws and sanding belts.

Everyone should give woodwork a go!

Fatima Webster, Year 8 student

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