Ski Lift Project

Students from the year 10 Mathematics classes at North Albany SHS were challenged with a Math investigation task. This involved researching ski lifts throughout the world, in particular Australia and calculating their gradients.

This research then had to be applied to working out the gradient of Bluff Knoll and finding out whether it would be feasible to install a workable ski/gondola style lift.

Zeke Medling and Helen Godwin met with City of Albany Mayor Mr Dennis Wellington to discuss their findings. The city council were very impressed with our students’ hard work and suggested a more suitable location may be the Porongurup National Park and have asked the students to research the idea further.

It was then decided to set up a North Albany SHS Mathematics Extension taskforce in 2019 with interested year 7 and 8 students led by Zeke and Helen.

Well done Zeke and Helen for representing our school and applying Mathematics to real world contexts.

Mrs Offer - Mathematics Teacher

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