Bronze Medallion Club

The students needed to complete their CPR qualification, swim 400m in 13 minutes, complete a timed tow in 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

They performed various rescues including how to respond to a spinal injury in the water and recover and resuscitate.  This involved afterschool swimming sessions and training during Breaks.

The following students should be congratulated on their efforts:

  • Zachary Adami
  • Alison Houwelling
  • Amber Thomas
  • Elli Stewart Morgan
  • Rebecca Van Der Meulen
  • Stephanie Francis
  • Telikah Collins


Well done!

Mrs Offer

Aquatic Trainer

A BIG thank you to Mrs Offer for running the Bronze Medallion Course. Staff and students gained some new skills and had a few laughs. Thank you sincerely for providing this opportunity.


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